A mostly-fresh start

And Now for Something Complete Different

Okay, time for the long awaited update. First, the good news. I’m engaged! Yes, you heard that right. I finally scraped together enough money to buy a nice ring for Beth. We’re thinking of some time in March 2005 for the ceromony. That’s far enough after my graduation to get a job and earn some cash for a honeymoon, car, downpayment on a house, etc. I had some problems getting the ring sized correctly, but I won’t go into the details. Summary, don’t go to Zales. Period.

On the job front, I’m working as an intern at Boeing this summer. I’m not too thrilled at all about where they stuck me, but hopefully I can put up with the dull lack of activity this summer, and get an offer to work somewhere interesting full-time. I will state this now though, if I have to chose between $50,000 on my current project, and $30,000 at some other company, I will choose the other company. That’s really how much I dislike what I’m working on.

It looks like I may have a place to live next semester! jhort and I are probably going to rent one of those appartments down the street from where I lived last year. There’s plenty of room for 2 people. the rent isn’t really that expensive, and it’s not the dorm which is priority number 2 (number 1 of course being deleted).