A mostly-fresh start

Chapter 5

Well, I gave them 48 ½ hours. I proceeded to call the number the helpdesk wennie told me to call, and none of the options in the automated call routing system matched my query. So, I pressed 1 to report an outage.

I repeated the whole saga to another live person, and he says that in this repair ticket created by the last call, the guy who ended up with it didn’t show any DSL on the line, and closed the ticket without so much as a phone call. Note, I didn’t say no DSL in the account information, because it’s there. They simply didn’t turn it on, and he just was too incompetent to check and see if there SHOULD be DSL on the line.

Now I’m told I must call customer service during regular business hours and have them attempt to turn on DSL again. Maybe it’s time I start a new website. Centurytelsucks.com has a nice ring to it….