A mostly-fresh start

Story of the Film So Far

In no particular order

  1. People don’t recognize C'thulu. I don’t explain it to them.
  2. Seat 26A & B on an MD-80 are loud, but there is plenty of leg/lap room due to the lack of seats in front of them.
  3. Every flight on earth goes through Chicago or Dallas (at least on AA).
  4. National’s Emerald Isles service is cool, if they’ve got any cars you like available by the time you get there.
  5. Lambert is redheaded stepchild of international airports.
  6. I was expecting to at least be able to see mountains on the plane ride in, or when the plane landed.
  7. $5.00 on 470 just to get from the airport to I-25? WTF?!?!
  8. Colorado must not have an actual driving portion of the drivers test in order to get a license.
  9. Whoever named Colorado roads needs a dictionary to help them find new words. It seems like each street name is used on 4-5 different streets.
  10. Dew in 14oz cans, in a 15 pack for $4.88? WTF? Somebody do the math and tell me if that’s a good deal, I’m too dumbfounded to think about it.
  11. If we had a Noodles and Company restaurant in the STL area, I would weigh 300 pounds. Anyone who wants to make money should open a franchise at home.