A mostly-fresh start

Quick MacRecycling Review

A+, would buy again.

I/We broke Beth’s DC-In port trying to shove her broken power cord into the slot. I read the disassembly guide from ifixit.com (always excellent), and thankfully the port gets its own board in the old school 12" PowerBook. ifixit offered a used DC-In board for $75, but a bit of googling brought me to macrecycling.com where I found one for under $50 with shipping.


I ordered Monday evening, it was sent USPS for $4 and arrived Wednesday afternoon.  The part was dirtier than the old one inside Beth’s laptop, but otherwise fine.  I took Beth’s laptop apart in 2 hours, and put it back together in another 2. The “new” port works great.  Thanks ifixit and macrecycling!