A mostly-fresh start

LLDB Autocomplete, Aka Fucking Codesense, Part 2

Way back in 2005, I bitched about Xcode’s autocomplete, because it was always guessing wrong. It was super annoying because it wasn’t just a list of suggestions, it actually filled in the line and moved your cursor, so if you paused for a split second it gave you extra work instead of being a timesaver. Thankfully someone working on the source editor is a little less masochistic and switched it to a visual studio style list of suggestions.

The old asshole must have moved to working on LLDB, because now it has the same broken behavior the Xcode source editor used to have. Pause for a half second to see which account* object you want to inspect, and it “helpfully” fills in the wrong one, every time.

Between this and the awfulness that is OCUnit, it leaves me wondering if anyone at Apple ever uses Xcode to test or debug code, or if they all just use AppCode.