A mostly-fresh start

T-minus 1 Week?

I made my prediction on Twitter a few weeks ago, but I am going to make it slightly more formal here. My guess is WWDC2013 announcement & ticket sales are happening on April 24th, 2013.

Why? It is the day after the next earnings call. I predicted that about a month before it happened last year, and I think it will be same this year. The bean counter’s laywers are scared shitless of Sarbox, and prevent anything non-business news from happening anywhere except in the post earnings call free-for-all.

We’ll see. I’ve got no insight, I’m just some guy with a hunch. If I’m right, I look like a psychic, if I’m wrong I delete this post and no one ever cared.

Update: Nailed the announcement, did not see the delay in ticket sales coming.