A mostly-fresh start

Throw the Switch Mr. Garrison...

Mr. Garrison: But I’m supposed to be anonymous!

Okay, so I loaded up the Student Activities website this afternoon on a fresh install of W2k to reserve a room for the DevThugs meeting tomorrow. It asked me to install flash player. “That’s odd”, I thought, “The stuact website is just a page full of links.” I went ahead and installed flash 7 (it’s jhorts machine, so what do I care). I was correct in my memory, the Student Activities website is just a bunch of link. “Weird,” I commented out loud, “I wonder why I had to install flash.” With my curiosity peeked, I started clicking around with my right mouse button (something mac users can’t do). Sure enough, the first link I tried was really a flash app of it’s own. Odd I thought, they did all these links in a large flash app. Stupid, but odd. With a little more clicking I realized a more evil plot was afoot. Every single link on that stuact website is its own flash app. Let me repeat that. Every single link on the stuact website is its own flash app. If you even tried to justify that to yourself in the time it took to read it again, you have no reason to live.