A mostly-fresh start


What a night of gaming 2003.5 is under way, and things are finally starting to run smoothly. After my 3pm class we went and picked up 30 tables and 100 chairs from physfac, and moved them to the CS building in just 4 loads. Once classes let out, we got all the desks in the classrooms moved and the tables and chairs inside. Almost done by 5pm right? wrong. Got the networking stuff in, and had to make 6 crossover cables for the hubs. Went to go set them up and two wouldn’t turn on. We finally figured out that the wall jacks in rooms 202 and 203 are dead. all of them. so no people in there. and we had more register than last year. As we say in the bizz, this is not a good thing. We got things moved around and power dropped in from above now though so if more people show up tomorrow we should be able to accommodate them. Heir Sigler showed up without gear so that helps with the space requirements. I think I may go take a quick nap here soon so I can be ready to go for the early morning shift. Oh, and I’m typing this on my new wireless card, and it kicks ass.