A mostly-fresh start

Dak 1: Small Foreign Car 0

Some of you asked why I bought a Dodge Truck, when small foreign cars are cheaper/faster/more fuel efficient, etc. This is one of the reasons why.

My sister had my ‘93 Shadow for 3 years before I got it. In that time, she got in 5 accidents, totaled two other cars in said accidents, and even took out a concrete post next to a gas pump. Total damage: The front bumper was a little torn up from the concrete post, the rear bumper had to be replaced once.

Driving to work this morning in usual 370 traffic (busy, but moving quick). A blue car in the middle lane decided to pull left in front of me. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but there was already a small silver car in front of me. The small silver car bounced off the wall trying to avoid the blue one, bounced back out into traffic sideways, and managed to straighten out and slam on her brakes, all still right in front of me. I hit my brakes and tried to swerve right, but I was still moving to fast to stop in time. I crushed the back end of the small silver car and pushed it into the wall again (I think, at this point I don’t remember). Realizing what he’d done, the blue car took off.

Traffic stopped, we both got out and accessed the damage. We’re both okay, she (the driver of the silver car) was a little shaken up. The silver car will probably be totaled. It had to be towed off on a flat-bed truck. What about my truck you ask? Well, it looks like it pushed in the plastic bumper a little. There’s no visible damage to the frame or the engine compartment. I drove it the rest of the way in to work and it rides fine.

As long as Dodge keeps building Tanks disguised as on-road vehicles, I’ll keep buying them.