A mostly-fresh start

Fedex: Still Completely Useless

There are certain companies I don’t do business with because of repeated bad experiences that either I or people I know have had with said companies. Everyone once in a while though, I either forget why I’m boycotting them, or I’m forced to do business with them because of a third party. Now, I remember well why I don’t use Fedex, our local delivery driver lets shit sit on his truck for several days without attempting to deliver before actually stopping by our house. Unfortunately, I was forced to use fedex because that’s the only shipping company this online retailer uses.

Yesterday the fedex driver finally decided to actually stop by the house and leave a note. The package was shipped with a “signature in person” required. Beth and I both work all day. With UPS, this is no problem. I bring up the tracking page online, and either have the package redirected to my mom who works less than a mile down the road, or I have it held at Earth City where I can pick it up on my way to work the next morning. Fedex, however, has no such option, at least none that I can find. All he left is a little piece of paper that said his next delivery attempt will be Friday (doesn’t have a time range listed), and the sign to leave package on the doorstop section scratched out with his pen. It would cost me (or more accurately my company) over $200 in lost productivity if I were to take today off just to sit and wait for a package. That’s not going to happen. Fedex is still completely useless, and because of this forced association, this online retail will NOT be getting an repeat business from me either.