A mostly-fresh start

XMPP Federation

Google Talk finally enabled XMPP Federation. This means I can finally talk to all my ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/etc buddies in iChat, and stop opening yet another IM client. Hurray for Jabber! Steps to do so:

  1. Download and install Psi
  2. Add your google talk account to Psi, using instructions provided by google
  3. Once signed in, open up service discovery
  4. While google doesn’t have any transport protocols registered, them enabling XMPP federation means you can use the transports protocols defined on any other federated server. So, pick out a Reputable looking server, type it in, and hit browse.
  5. Register all the transport protocols you would like to use on that server
  6. Close Psi
  7. Open ichat, log in to google talk
  8. Begin the slow and arduous task of adding nicknames/vcards for everyone now added to your buddy list, as ichat/jabber/whatever isn’t smart enough to pull them automatically.

Voila! No more Adium, no more Psi, just the clean look of iChat filling your desktop.