A mostly-fresh start

Initial Thoughts on the MBP

The good

Whisper quiet. Even when the fan(s) do kick on, I have to hold the machine up to my ear to hear it(them).

Rumors of heat greatly exaggerated. It doesn’t get hot enough to burn skin. It doesn’t even get as hot as my old PowerBook did.

The MagSafe power connector is awesome. I accidentally kick/stepped on the power cord 3 times already, and each time it broke away cleanly.

Fast….as long as you’re only doing one thing at a time. See below.

The Bad

Desperately needs more RAM. 512MB just isn’t enough for OS X. I ordered a 1GB SODIMM from Newegg, should be here by Friday.

Had my first crash within 45 minutes of turning it on. I was just running software update and browsing websites and it completely locked up. No display changes, mouse wouldn’t move, harddisk activity stop, etc. Manually rebooted with the power button, hasn’t happened again.

Right-clicking didn’t work at first. The afore mentioned lockup happened while the 10.4.7 install was in the “finishing up” phase. Apparently it was after writing the package receipt, but before adding the checkbox to System Preferences. I manually downloaded and ran the 10.4.7 combo updater and my right-click works now.

Screen is brighter at the very bottom than at the top. I’m guessing that’s where the backlight on the lcd is located.


Impressed. Definitely glad I sold the old PowerBook and some other stuff to buy this. Glad I bought it during Missouri’s tax holiday too. It doesn’t look like Apple is going to release a Merom based system before school starts, so I made the right choice. Still, I wonder if the CPU in this thing is socketed….