A mostly-fresh start

Q1 2016 Resolution Update

We are 3 months into the new year, so it is time for a status update to see how well I am doing on my 2016 resolutions.

  • Lose 40 lbs. : Done! Suprise! I cut back to 1500kcal/day, and dropped soda from my diet completely. This resulted in an average loss of 3lbs/week. Since the first quarter has gone so well, I am setting a bonus goal of 80lbs total. This will bring me down to 180, which is lower than I have been in a decade.
  • Get my eyes fixed : No progress. I was holding off until I had lost a significant amount of weight to make sure that did not have an effect on my vision.
  • Move : Some Progress on the multitude of side-projects, but still no where near ready to list. This is the one I am most pesimistic about on a daily basis.
  • Use Swift in anger : Some Progress. I started a new tvOS game in Swift and work on it every couple of weeks on my night off. I have the core game logic finish, along with the rendering engine. I still need to write the the wrapper app and create lots of assets to ship it.